Esoteric Astrology (Video)

Esoteric Astrology has been called the ’science of all sciences‘ because it is a system of relating every single living entity together. It is truly the science of relationships; human, planetary, zodiacal and stellar. This video presentation will explore a wider perspective of astrology through the lens of the seven rays of life and their septenary expression through all the kingdoms of nature. Esoteric Astrology looks at the natal chart from the angle of the soul and how it utilizes the zodiacal energy to expand consciousness during each incarnation. Therefore, it gives a much deeper comprehension of the horoscope and its more profound significance.

This video is based upon the article: Introduction to Esoteric Astrology by Phillip Lindsay.
Featuring: Heidi Rose Robbins, William Meader, Phillip Lindsay & Michael Robbins.
Directed & Narrated by Justin Wilkinson.